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Swan Song 90061 Released on November 19, 1982

1) We're Gonna Groove (2:36) (Ben E. King/James Bethea)
Recorded at Morgan Studios, London, on June 25, 1969
Engineered by Andy Johns
2) Poor Tom (3:03) (Page/Plant)
Recorded on May 6, 1970 at Olympic Studios, London.
Engineered by Andy Johns.
3) I Can't Quit You Baby (4:16) (Willie Dixon)
Recorded during sound rehearsal at the Royal Albert Hall, London, January 9,1970
Engineered by Vic Maile with the Pye Mobile Truck
4) Walter's Walk (4:24) (Page/Plant)
Recorded on the Rolling Stones Mobile at Stargroves, on May 15, 1972
Engineered by Eddie Kramer.
5) Ozone Baby (3:35) (Page/Plant)
Recorded on November 14, 1978 at Polar Studios, Stockholm.
Engineered by Leif Mases.
6) Darlene (5:04) (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)
Recorded at Polar Studios, Stockholm, on November 16, 1978
Engineered by Leif Masses.

7) Bonzo's Montreux (4:15) (Bonham)
John Bonham Drum Orchestra. Jimmy Page — electronic treatments.
Recorded at Mountain Studios, Montreux, on September 12, 1976
Engineered by John Timperly
8) Wearing And Tearing (5:27) (Page/Plant)
Recorded on November 21, 1978 at Polar Studios, Stockholm.
Engineered by Leif Masses.

Jimmy Page: Electric guitar, sub octivider, acoustic guitar, electronic treatments Robert Plant: Vocals, harmonica John Bonham: Drums, drum orchestra John Paul Jones: Bass, piano
Produced by Jimmy Page
Executive producer: Peter Grant
Engineer: Stuart Epps
Sleeve by Hipgnosis/Assorted Images
All tracks mixed at The Sol Studio, Cookham, Berkshire

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